All hail the three kings – Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo

Of course, Sony launched PS3. The company has created new demand at a higher RRP than we have been able to sustain before. Looking at every gadget magazine and seeing five-star reviews for the machine as the best Blu-Ray player shows that a games console can be at the heart of an entertainment hub.

We eagerly await further PSP and PS3 convergence in 2008 to allow PSP to achieve its full potential. I am very excited to see some of the triple-A titles that will build the base next year.

The PS2 decline has been well managed and the demand for both the console and the software has kept pace. Key releases have still driven great volumes and here’s hoping that the key franchises still have PS2 in their plans for 2008.

Microsoft has expanded its 360 proposition. We have seen the Elite version join the family and having a top-end machine has allowed price point differentials. Great games have arrived on the system most weeks and we have seen some stunning numbers from opening weekends. I hope that 2008 will be so bountiful. Microsoft is also the first to deliver on an expansive range of peripherals together with the appropriate tools, in its dummy packaging, to support retail.

And then there’s Nintendo. The team has smashed through another two million units of DS in 2007 – a phenomenal achievement. A health warning though: publishers need to understand that just pushing out hundreds of ‘me too’ DS titles will be neither beneficial for themselves nor the consumer. New content is what we will need to keep DS growing.

And finally, Wii. As with DS it has been great to watch the fever build. I have never witnessed so many old contacts get in touch under so many different premises but really just wanting to try and get a console!

The software has been excellent and never has there been so much fun in your lounge. We are very excited about Wii Fit next year as well. New concepts are great to launch.

Let’s hope that all three format holders will make very simplistic New Year resolutions… To do exactly the same as they did in 2007!

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