All the games from the Playstation 5 press conference

Sony’s E3-replacement press conference last night was a huge success (more on our thoughts on that here), featuring a first look at a huge list of titles coming to the Playstation 5 in 2020 and 2021. While the surprise reveal of the design of the new console is guaranteed to dominate conversations for a while, the livestream also showcased a long list of promising-looking titles, most of which are either console exclusives, or full exclusives for the PS5.

The list includes a re-rerelease of the seemingly immortal Grand Theft Auto V, Playstation Studios exclusives such as Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales and Horizon Forbidden West, third party titles such as Resident Evil Village and NBA2k21 and a host of brand new IPs.

The full list of titles, with their expected release dates and platforms can be found below.

Demon's Souls
Demon’s Souls

PS5 Games from SIE Worldwide Studios and second-party partners

Astro’s Playroom (Japan Studio) – Coming to PS5, Astro’s Playroom sees the return of the PSVR’s best robot boy – seemingly without a VR headset this time. Astro’s Playroom is releasing as a free launch title, coming pre-installed on all Playstation 5 units.

Demon’s Souls (Bluepoint Games / Japan Studio) – The long-awaited remake of From Software’s predecessor to the Dark Souls series is coming to the PS5. The remake is being handled by Bluepoint, the studio responsible for the 2017 Shadow of the Colossus remake. No release date is available at this time.

Destruction All Stars (Lucid Games / XDEV) – Developed by Lucid Games, Destruction All Stars seems to be a futuristic destruction derby, coming exclusively to PS5. The game feels reminiscent of Psyonix’s Rocket League – focussing less on football in favour of pure destruction. I’m in. No release date is available at this time.

Gran Turismo 7  (Polyphony Digital) – An absolute Playstation staple, Polyphony Digital’s long-running series is returning, exclusively to PS5. No release date is currently available for the title, which is the first Gran Turismo since 2017’s Gran Turismo Sport.

Horizon Forbidden West (Guerrilla Games) – The long-anticipated sequel to Guerrilla Games’ ludicrously successful Horizon Zero Dawn is making its way exclusively to PS5. No release date was announced, but the trailer shows Aloy travelling to America’s wild frontier. Can we have cowboy robot dinosaurs please? Yeehaw.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales (Insomniac Games) – A follow up to Insomniac Games’ successful Spider-Man title from 2018 is coming to PS5 for Holiday 2020. This time the player is setting into the shoes of Miles Morales. The game was recently confirmed to be an expansion to the 2018 title.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (Insomniac Games) – Another Insomniac title, and more importantly, a return to one of my childhood’s favourite franchises. Rift apart takes advantage of the PS5’s SSD speeds for some rift-jumping action, and features a newly-ray traced and shiny Clank (which is clearly the most important part of all this). No release date was announced.

Returnal (Housemarque / XDEV) – This third-person shooter title comes from Housemarque, the developer behind 2017’s Matterfall and 2013’s Resogun. The trailer sees the player landing on an alien planet, seemingly caught in an endless loop as she relives her final moments “over and over.” No release date was announced.

Sackboy A Big Adventure (Sumo Digital / XDEV) – Sackboy returns in this PS5 exclusive, in the latest LittleBigPlanet spin-off title. The game is developed by Sumo Digital, who worked on LittleBigPlanet 3 almost six year ago. No release date was announced.


Goodbye Volcano High
Goodbye Volcano High

PS5 Games from third-party publishers and developers

Bugsnax (Young Horses) – Octodad developer Young Horses brings a suitably bizarre adventure to PS5, PS4 and PC, in a world inhabited by sentient fruit. Bugsnax makes use of the dynamic feedback of the DualSense controller to bring the world to life, and has a planned release date of Holiday 2020.

DEATHLOOP (Bethesda) – One of our favourites of the show, DEATHLOOP, developed by Dishonored creators Arkane Studios, is coming to PS5 and PC in holiday 2020. The game transports players to the lawless island of Blackreef in an eternal struggle between two assassins.

Ghostwire: Tokyo (Bethesda) – Developed by Tango Gameworks, known for The Evil Within, GhostWire: Tokyo is launching on PS5 and PC in 2021. Announced last year, we now have a glimpse at the gameplay for the supernatural thriller, which sees the player making use of a host of supernatural abilities.

Godfall (Gearbox Publishing / Counterplay Games) – We got another look at Counterplay Games and Gearbox Publishing’s upcoming title last night, which is coming to PS5 and PC in holiday 2020. The game was first revealed at last year’s Game Awards, and draws inspiration from Monster Hunter for its intense boss fights.

Goodbye Volcano High (KO-OP) – Another one of our favourites, coming from artist-run and owned game studio KO_OP, who we spoke to back in April. The game is a narrative adventure featuring budding romances among angsty teenage dinosaurs, which is the best sentence I will ever write in my entire career. The game is coming to PS4, PS5 and PC in 2021.

Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online (Rockstar Games) – One day we will all die. Our cities will crumble, the seas will take the earth and all that will remain of us is that somehow, Grand Theft Auto V will still be at the top of the sales charts. I’m not going to tell you what Grand Theft Auto V is, you can’t make me do that, Seth. But it’s coming to PS5 with a host of technical improvements in H2 2021, and a new standalone version of GTA Online will be available for free to all PS5 owners in the first three months of the title launching.

HITMAN 3 (IO Interactive) – The third iteration of IO Interactive’s Hitman reboot is coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC in January 2021, and marks the conclusion to the trilogy. Protagonist Agent 47 returns for the most important contracts of his career.

JETT : The Far Shore (Superbrothers) – This stylish space exploration title is coming from Sword & Sworcery creators Superbrothers. The trailer doesn’t reveal much, although it showcases the game’s unique art style, and will be coming to Playstation 5 in holiday 2020.

Kena: Bridge of the Spirits (Ember Lab) – The trailer for Ember Lab’s action-adventure title is giving us some Pixar/Studio Ghibli mashup vibes, and so I need to play it immediately. Unfortunately I’ll have to wait a little while, as its coming holiday 2020 to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Little Devil Inside (Neostream Interactive)  – This action adventure title feels like Zelda by the way of Wes Anderson, and I’m sorry but I lied before, that is the best sentence I’m ever going to write. Originally a Kickstarter title back in 2015, the game is now coming to PS4, PS5 and PC. No release date is yet available.

NBA 2K21 (2K, Visual Concepts) – 2K has unveiled the first look at the newest entry to the long-running basketball series. NBA 2K21 has been “built from the ground up to fully utilise the incredible power, speed and technology of PS5,” and is coming in 2020 to PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Oddworld Soulstorm (Oddworld Inhabitants) – Hero Abe and his Oddworld series returns, coming to PS5, PS4 and PC in 2020. The game follows up on New ‘N’ Tasty, acting as the second title in the quintology.

Pragmata (Capcom) – The trailer shows a man in a space suit encountering a young girl in a post-disaster Times Square, before a space craft of some sort shatters the sky, and the pair fall upwards to the moon. Not sure I need to explain more than that. The game is launching in 2022 on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC.

Project Athia (working title) (Square Enix/Luminous Productions) – This game comes from Square Enix studio Luminous Productions, set in a fantasy world of giant wolves, dragons and a magic lady with tree powers. The game, currently under a working title, is coming to PS5 and PC on an undisclosed date.

Resident Evil Village (Capcom) – The eighth main entry to the long-running Resident Evil series is coming to PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X in 2021. Village is a follow-up to Resident Evil 7, continuing with its darker and more disturbing tones. Not a Jill sandwich in sight.

Solar Ash (Annapurna Interactive / Heart Machine) – Solar Ash is the successor to Heart Machine’s previous title, Hyper Light Drifter. Featuring a strong visual style and a gravity-defying world, the game is coming to PS5, PS4 and PC in 2021.

Stray (Annapurna / Blue Twelve Studio) – Look, it seems that you play as a cat in this game. I’m already in. The player will be exploring a futuristic city, looking for a way back home in a world inhabited by robots. The game is a PS5 exclusive and is releasing in 2021.

Tribes of Midgard (Gearbox Publishing / Norsfell) – Tribes of Midgard is coming to PS5 and PC in 2021. The upcoming game tasks players with the goal of becoming a Viking legend in order to defend their village against enemy forces during Ragnarok.

The Pathless (Annapurna Interactive / Giant Squid) – The Pathless, coming from Abzu developer Giant Squid, was first announced at The Game Awards in 2018. Coming to PS4 and PS5, the game is set to release in late 2020 and will make heavy use of the Dualsense controller’s new features. The game tasks the player with cleansing a cursed island with the help of an eagle companion

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