All the winners from the Games Media Brit List

Last night the Games Media Brit List debuted with a spectacular first show, during which many worthy journalists and media outlets won well-deserved accolades. Simon Miller hosted the show with his trademark banter and, with Jagermeister as a key sponsor, it’s no surprise that everyone went home suitably sozzled.

In case you weren’t in attendance, we’ve got the full list of winners from the night. You can find them right below these words. Congratulations to all of you!

Best Reporter
Ben Barrett

Best Critic
Christian Donlan

Best Features Writer
Tamoor Hussain

Best Streamer

Best Podcast/Radio Show
Adam Rosser at Radio 5Live Game On

Best Video Presenter
Chris Bratt

Emerging Talent
Vic Hood

Print Editorial Team
EDGE Magazine

Online Editorial Team

Best Video Production Team

Most Influential
Keza MacDonald

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