Altair boosts iPhones platform credentials

With the PR machine for the still under-wraps Assassin’s Creed 2 visibly cranking up several gears in the last few days, Ubisoft has revealed that protagonist Altair is also heading onto Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch.

IGN reports that the prequel, which will be published by Gameloft, boasts combat and acrobatic exploration similar to that seen in the DS version Altair Chronicles.

Furthermore, it could arrive on the App Store in just a few weeks.

The game, which boasts 3D visuals on a par with anything seen on rival handhelds to date, is a big shot in the arm for Apple. The casual gaming credentials of both the iPhone and Apple’s App Store have become widely accepted, and its ever bolder strides into the core market are cementing the device as a true games platform it its own right.

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