Amazon Canada pulls listing for $800 PlayStation VR

Could Sony’s PlayStation VR actually retail for MORE than Oculus Rift?

Forbes reports that a now removed listing for the device on Amazon Canada carried a price of $1,125 Canadian dollars – that’s just shy of 550.

And with the way exchange rates work, that could in reality translate to far more in the UK.

In US dollar terms the Amazon listing represents $800, which is a $200 hike on the price of Oculus Rift. Were the price of PlayStation VR in the UK to follow the same dollar-to-pounds conversion as that laid down by Oculus Rift, that would result in a UK price of just under 670.

Sony, however, told Forbes that the listing was an error by Amazon” as we haven’t announced price for PlayStation VR”. Of course, that doesn’t explicitly say that the price was wrong.

The total costs of both machines are more complicated.

The Oculus Rift requires a PC with hefty specs – an Nvidia GTX 970 and an Intel Core i5 4590 or higher. That’s around a 1,000 machine with necessary accessories. PlayStation VR, of course, will require a 300 PS4 to operate.

It’s worth noting that a SuperData report cited by GameSpot predicts a $400-$600 price for PlayStation VR.

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