AMD Radeon HD 9970 and HD 9950 tipped for September reveal

Fresh speculation about the next line of AMD’s Radeon graphics card suggests a September reveal is on the cards.

VideoCardz reports that AMD is currently working on the Hawaii silicon architecture that will power two new cards – the Radeon HD 9970 and the HD 9950.

Previous reports had first claimed that the 8000 series branding was to be reserved for the company’s OEM GPU refresh before a later report stated that AMD would indeed also use the 8000 branding for its new desktop GPUs.

Spec-wise the 9970 – which would be the top-of-the-range release – could actually outperform Nvidia’s recently released GTX 780 although will likely fall short of the Titan.

AMD’s HD 7990 remains the only true contender to that particular card, although many would argue that AMD’s promised driver update will have to deliver the goods to make the 7990 a viable alternative.

Speculation points to a possible September launch, with the idea being to get the cards out there before the release of EA’s Battlefield 4 – and official AMD Gaming Evolved title.

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