Amplitude Studios co-founder, Mathieu Girard, launches new RPG studio, Tactical Adventures

Amplitude Studios co-founder, Mathieu Girard, has launched a new RPG-based focused studio, Tactical Adventures.

Hoping to operate as both a publisher and developer, Tactical Adventures – based in Paris, France – has gathered a team of "experienced industry veterans", who offer experience from major publishers to indie studios.

"When I decided to leave Amplitude Studios for new adventures, it was obvious to me that I needed to make my oldest dream come true and develop the deepest, most immersive and most accessible tactical RPG," said Girard.

"Brought together by our shared expertise and passionate about making games, we plan to remain a small studio of 15 to 20 people, efficient and focused on creating great games with powerful narratives," says a statement on the studio’s new website. "We are all big fans of board games and tabletop role playing games, and the objective of Tactical Adventures is to design a unique experience on computers and consoles. Supported by experienced partners, we are a united and ambitious team."

While details about the developer’s inaugural game remain under wraps, the website teases that the first game will be a tactical RPG, "inspired by some of our favourite aspects of games such as Baldur’s Gate and XCom, using the 5th edition ruleset of the world’s greatest tabletop RPG".

"Our design offers technical and gameplay innovations in all three main aspects of this type of game: combat, exploration, and narration," the website continues. "The game will be developed in partnership with the community, especially with RPG enthusiasts. In order to create the best possible experience with our first release, we believe that this kind of partnership is crucial."

While some roles have already been filled, the studio is now hiring, seeking a Lead Technical Artist, Lead Animator, Senior 2D Artist, and Community Developer. Head on over to the website for the full details.

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