And the next game to be made into a film is… Fruit Ninja

An Assassin’s Creed film? Sure, that makes sense. Angry Birds? Well, if you must. Tetris? Seriously, dude what are you on? Fruit Ninja? Now you’re just trolling.

Except this is no troll. The Hollywood Reporter says that Fruit Ninja is indeed the next big game IP in line for the movie treatment. And a big IP it is, thanks to its estimated 1bn+ global downloads to date.

Tripp Vinson is producing the film under the Vinson Films banner, with the script being penned by JP Lavin and Chad Damiani, who recently worked on How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack.

Developer Halfbrick Studios is also involved in what is described as a live-action family comedy”. It remains to be seen whether the action will be contained in a single movie or whether it will ‘do a Tetris’.

Vinson could do worse than to follow the lead of these fans, we’d argue:

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