Angry Birds Transformers toys priced and dated

Rovio’s extensive toy line that will accompany the upcoming Angry Birds Transformers has been priced and pictured for the first time.

The game itself sees Optimus Prime, Galvatron and co battling for control of the Egg Spark.

As was seen with karting title Angry Birds Go, players will be able to buy Telepod toys that unlock game content. In this instance they will offer a rudimentary transformation

Forbes lists the US prices as follows. There’s a video detailing it all as well:

Angry Birds Transformers Telepods Racer Packs
$5.99/Available: October 1st, 2014
Children can play with each Angry Birds Transformers Telepods figure in either vehicle or robot mode or place them onto the telepods base to teleport characters into the app for a digital adventure. This set includes one telepods figure and one base. There are six different figures to collect.
Autobird: Optimus Prime Bird – Red Bird
Autobird: Heatwave – Terrance
Autobird: Bumblebee Bird – Chuck
Deceptihog: Soundwave Pig
Deceptihog: Max Pig (Lockdown)
Deceptihog: Adrian Pig (Galvatron)

Angry Birds Transformers Telepods Battle Packs
$9.99/October 1, 2014
This pack include two figures based on classic Transformers hero/villain match-ups and one base.

Angry Birds Transformers Telepods Energon Racer Pack
$19.99/October 1, 2014
Includes five different figures, including Optimus Prime Bird, Grimlock Bird, Galvatron Pig, Starscream Pig and Soundwave Pig each in translucent deco. These figures also unlock special powers and different ways to play with new characters in the game itself.

Angry Birds Transformers Telepods Bumblebee Bird Blast
$19.99/October 1, 2014
Includes Bumblebee Bird and Grunlock and a launcher and tunnel. These versions of the characters also unlock special powers in the game.

Angry Birds Transformers Telepods Optimus Prime Bird Raceway
$29.99/October 1, 2014
Includes a launcher, Optimus Prime Bird against Ultimate Megatron Pig and a raceway track. In the app these characters unlock special powers and new ways to play.

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