Another new MegaDrive heads to retail

After the

announcement of its portable MegaDrive system

caused a bit of a stir at the beginning of the month, Blaze is at it again with the launch of another retro MegaDrive machine.

Unlike the machine announced at the beginning of the month, which resembled an Atari Lynx and was designed for gaming on the go, this machine plugs into the TV and offers two player action.

The hardware itself is built directly into the slightly bulbous, but at least authentically branded, joypads.

The game selection is a little lacking in comparison to that of the handheld device, but still includes the likes of Sonic and Knuckles, Golden Axe II, Alien Storm, Sonic Spinball, Kid Chameleon and Altered Beast.

It’s available now and retails for 19.99.

And yes, we know (and so do you, judging by the comments on the previous story) that Sega already did this with the Sega Nomad, but with this system already at $50 at the time of going to press with a long time left to run, Blaze at least does offer a cheaper alternative.

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