Antix Labs Player hitting Indonesia

UK tech firm Antix Labs is to establish its eponymous games distribution platform in Indonesia.

Antix has been beavering away on the Antix Game Player for years. Its vision is to create a new format that allows gamers to play, share and even copy games with friends whatever the device they use.

It’s a response to the rapid fragmentation of the consumer electronics space – not just in terms of individual phone OSs, but also hardware formats such as phone, tablet, TV, and netbook.

The two key components are the software wrapper, which allows games to work on any format, and the DRM, which enables developers to control how products are distributed and monetised.

Thus, the Antix Game Player combines a consumer-focused file format that makes games viral, while protecting the rights and the revenues of the developers.

The platform also offers tools, certification mechanism and an optional white-label games warehouse, from which customers can choose Antix-compatible games to launch.

Antix believes the solution will be of interest to operators, broadcasters, device manufacturers and retailers all over the world.

Francis Charig, CEO of Antix Labs, said, Antix is unique in providing a seamless high quality game service across fragmented phones, tablets, TVs and other home products in a manner that meets the expectations of consumers whilst simultaneously protecting the rights and the revenues of the publishers and developers.”

Indonesia has one of the world’s most dynamic economies and we’re excited to be involved with Telkom, the largest telecommunications services company in the country with more than 100 million subscribers. With an exciting product roadmap we are confident that we can support Telkom to enable important differentiated capabilities for consumers for the foreseeable future.”

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