APB creator: Tax snub will push UK business abroad

British studios will look abroad when expanding their business in future – after seeing hopes for a tax credit dashed by today’s Pre-Budget Report.

That’s according to Realtime Worlds – one of Scotland’s foremost developers and the creator of hugely anticipated MMO APB.

Chancellor Alistair Darling today failed to mention of a games tax credit in his Pre-Budget speech, whilst the accompanying Report said the Government had not been persuaded” by development industry lobbyists calling for financial help.

Studio manager at Dundee’s Realtime Worlds Colin MacDonald told MCV sister site Develop today:

It’s a massive disappointment. Although I don’t think today will make us or other studios think, ‘Sod it, we’re emigrating,’ I do think it has done some damage.

No-one can dispute that the industry is growing. There are a lot of jobs still to be created, as well as IP and value – and today’s decision means the majority of that isn’t going to happen in the UK."

Jump on through to Develop for the full story.

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