Apex Legends’ total stream views drop from 40m to 10m in just a month

EA’s surprise release, Apex Legends, may have picked up over 10 million players in just 72 hours of its debut release and at one time boasted 50 million players, but the battle royale’s phenomenal success is seemingly waning, dropping 75 per cent of its viewership within a month of its release.

StreamElements’ and StreamHatchet’s State of the Stream quarterly report shows Apex Legends set the record for viewership hours of a single game on Twitch, peaking at 40 million hours watched in the second week after it was first released.

Credit: StreamElements

By March, however, the peak viewership dropped by 75 per cent to 10 million hours watched a week, and while ten “top streamers” were playing the game in February “this dropped to just two in March, which was a big reason for that decline”. Over the same period, however, Fortnite saw a temporary drop in view count at Apex Legends’ debut, but it quickly recovered and has remained stable at around 20m hours viewed ever since, suggesting Apex Legends might not be enough to knock Fortnite off the battle royale top spot just yet.

Interestingly, the report also added that while the top 1000 channels on Twitch are responsible for 57 per cent of the hours watched, “there is no single king of the stream”. “There were different top streamers in January, February, and March 2019, none of which were Ninja,” the report stated.

Apex Legends – a free-to-play battle royale game set within the Titanfall universe – released suddenly last month and made a huge impact, attracting one million unique players in the first eight hours. It’s now hit two million concurrent players and remains one of the most popular games on Twitch.

Fortnite has now surpassed 200 million players. It reportedly earned $455 million on iOS in 2018, earning Epic roughly $1.6 million every day since it launched on the Apple store in March 2018. Epic Games’ earned $69 million through its fan-favourite battle royale game in just December last year, during which it was downloaded 5.2 million times – up 52 per cent from November 2018, and up 83 per cent on its previous strongest month – making it Fortnite’s biggest month to date.

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