Apple gets touchy about vagina game, tells dev to change… everything

The indie studio behind an artistic title exploring the sensation of sexual pleasure has lashed out at Apple after it was told to drastically alter its game to be approved for release on the iOS App Store.

Lovable Hat Cult’s La Petite Mort is designed as a virtual way for players to experience bringing a vagina to orgasm. While the dev positioned the app as a tasteful exploration of sex, the game was flagged by Apple during its review process as containing potentially ‘objectionable’ material.

The studio toldKotakuthat Apple provided it with a list of what would be needed to make the application accepted, which was; the name ([the European Apple representative] was French and understood the meaning of the La Petite Mort”, the little death”), the 20×30 pixeled images should be changed, the sounds should be modified, so, well, basically the whole game”.

The representative himself sympathised with the developer’s plight, indicating that the App Store’s global reach was partially to blame.

Head over to Develop for the full story.

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