Apple preparing budget iPhone 4 SKU

You could run entire websites based around nothing but Apple rumours. Indeed, folk actually do.

Picking the wheat from the chaff is a tough task when it comes to Apple, but now global news agency Reuters has come out with what it claims is reliable information about Apple’s 2011 plans for iPhone.

And as has been claimed elsewhere, it looks as if Apple is in fact preparing to launch two new iPhones before the year is out.

The most strategically interesting is the low-cost, 8GB version of the iPhone 4 that Apple will use to try and crack into emerging markets where more traditional manufacturers such as Nokia still dominate.

Apple is believed to already be in talks with Chinese carriers China Mobile and China Telecom about deals to get the handset into the hands of the public in that region.

The device is already at the manufacturing stage in South Korea

It is expected to arrive in September or October alongside its fully-fledged successor, the iPhone 5.

Reuters dismisses reports of a brand new design for the high-spec device, a move that many had claimed due to the rough start iPhone 4 had in its first few weeks on the market.

Instead it says that the handset may actually be an IPhone 4S, as aesthetically it is almost identical to the current model. The only differences are said to be a slightly larger screen and a modified antenna.

A low-price iPhone does indeed represent a change of tack for Apple, which is a company that has always shied away from budget. The biggest company in the world has proved that the public lust for premium is insatiable.

But with developed markets having embraced the iPhone so feverishly, it makes sense for Apple to target emerging markets going forwards.

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