Apple squares up to DS and PSP

The competition between iPhone, PSP and DS is hotting up – Apple used its iPod showcase event today to highlight its position in comparison to other handheld games platforms.

Specifically, the firm moved to crticise the buying experience for the DS and PSP in comparison to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

"When [DS and PSP] came out, they seemed so cool. But once you play a game on the iPod touch, you think ‘hey, these things aren’t so cool any more…" said Apple’s marketing VP Phil Schiller.

"We’re talking about 25, 30, 40 dollars a title. The kids can’t afford those titles. Worse isn’t the price, it’s the buying experience."

A demo slide at the event compared the quantity of games on the platforms: PSP’s 607 games, DS’ 3,680 and then iPod touch’s 21,178, before kicking into a video montage of App Store games.

The full story is on Develop.

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