Apple TV apps (and games) are limited to 200MB

The gaming credentials of the new Apple TV appear to be somewhat less potent than rumours had led us to believe.

In the run-up to last night’s reveal the new device had been rumoured to represent Apple’s long-expected foray into the world of living room gaming. However, it has transpired that apps for the device have for some reason been limited to a maximum size of 200MB.

This seems absurdly restrictive, locking out a number of titles from the platform including the likes of Hearthstone (868MB), Her Story (1.7GB), Infinity Blade III (1.93GB), Don’t Starve (288MB), Fallout Shelter (205MB), DoDonPachi Resurrection HD (425MB) and many, many more.

In addition, Apple TV doesn’t offer any local storage for apps, meaning all titles must access data from Apple’s iCloud. In theory apps larger than 200MB are permitted, but any files over the allocation will need to be accessed remotely each time.

It’s not like the Apple TV’s default memory size is particularly restrictive, either, with both the 32GB and 64GB SKUs offering quite a bit in terms of storage space.

That’s not to say that there haven’t been any concessions towards the games market with the new machine, however. As was correctly predicted, a touch and motion controller will be included in the box, and compatibility with Bluetooth game controllers is also included.

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