Arc easier to develop for than Natal

The Wii has come in for some harsh criticism thanks to what many have described as cheap ports of games originally designed with a joypad in mind, but Sony has now said that the fact that the PS3 Motion Controller can be incorporated into existing game code gives it a huge advantage over the Xbox 360 Natal camera.

From a third-party perspective [the Motion Controller] is easier to develop for,” SCEA’s senior VP of publisher relations Rob Dyer told IndustryGamers.

You can use the same code base that you currently use for PS3 or 360 or even the Wii in order to get a motion controller game out. You can’t do that with Natal. You have to have a completely separate code base and my feeling is that we’re going to have a lot more games, a lot more innovation – particularly with the camera and the precision – versus what you’ll have with Natal or the Wii.

We can all sit around here and debate that, but the fact is I’m not having any trouble getting third-party support.”

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