Are VR headsets the next big thing? Sony reportedly preparing TGS reveal

The 3D Revolution proved to be a bit of damp squib, but perhaps the Virtual Reality Headset Revolution will prove more popular.

And online reports suggest Sony could be preparing to reveal its own Virtual Reality headset at the Tokyo Game Show later this month.

The talk comes from this official Sony YouTube video, spotted by VG247. It’s not the first time Sony has been linked with VR. You can see the new video below.

If true, Sony would be one of many companies readying a move into this promising new sector.

Kickstarter hit Oculus Rift successfully thrust the technology back into the public consciousness last month, but it looks like it might face competition from some of gaming’s biggest names.

Valve is known to be toying with the tech, though as a company not afraid of devoting time to faffing with high ideals it’s hard to gauge the likelihood of this ever making it to market.

Don’t forget, too, that Microsoft has been rumoured to be investing in VR.

It’s likely that hardware manufacturers will be wary of heavily investing in the tech following the flop that was 3D, but all it will take is one success – and Sony’s exactly the sort of firm that could achieve it.

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