ArenaNet softens Guild Wars 2 gem purchase alterations

Plans to alter the way in which Guild Wars 2 players purchase gems have been changed following a backlash from MMO fans.

Until now players have been able to select a quantity of gems – the game’s currency system – and have their value converted into a sterling amount for purchase.

However, NCsoft recently unveiled plans to enforce gem purchase blocks, the minimum of which was for 400 gems. The result would be that if a player wanted to buy an item that costs under 400 gems, they would still be forced to purchase at least that amount.

NCsoft sold this change as a simplification” of the system. Gamers instead saw it as a way of forcing greater expenditure.

So angry was the response, however, that a middle-ground has now been found.

It’s clear that quite a lot of you would like to have greater flexibility in using the Currency Exchange,” ArenaNet said. Our intention when we designed the new interface was to streamline large volume purchases, which make up the majority of transactions.

In light of your feedback, we will update the Currency Exchange so that you can decide how you want to use it. We will keep the new streamlined system and also offer a new ‘Custom’ button on the panel that you can use to exchange any increment of gems or gold.”

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