Ark: Survival Evolved hits 1m Early Access sales

The success story that is Ark: Survival Evolved continues to stomp all over the digital market.

Studio Wildcard’s title has been getting a lot of attention from streamers, helping it to hit the sales milestone in a little over a month on the market. It was previously announced that the game sold 400k units, amassing $10m in gross revenue in the process, in its first week on sale.

Gamasutra also reports that modding support is on the way to the game, with the developer working with Epic on an Unreal Engine 4 dev tools kit that will be provided to users.

The game features a persistent world with a key difference to many of its rivals – even when offline, players continue to exist within the world. Which, as you might expect, has led to some interesting anecdotes.

The game is also in development for next-gen consoles, but does not have a release date.

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