Arrowhead Game Studios founders invest in the new gaming catalyst: Mind Detonator

The founders of Arrowhead Game Studios, the team behind Magicka, is investing in the game catalyst Mind Detonator.

Mind Detonator is a game catalyst that operates outside the major cities. The catalyst is a combination of local support, local investors and international gaming developers that help each other to “create the best conditions for game developers to succeed.”

It seeks to open Game Villages in different countries’ rural areas to offer financing for developer teams, starting in the Nordic region. Mind Detonator allows teams to build their games full time, without traditional incubator requirements to learn how to run a business at the same time.

The first Game Village will open in In October 2021, in the city of Jörn in northern Sweden. Mind Detonator aims to open more Game Villages in other countries, and make at least 15 investments per year

“Mind Detonator is a fantastic initiative that gives us a chance to give back and create an opportunity for more people to be part of a journey equally as fantastic as our own. I really wish there was something similar when we started our business”, says Johan Pilestedt, CEO and founder of Arrowhead.

“Mind Detonator breaks new ground. In our work to build the Arctic Game Lab, we have looked a lot at incubators and other initiatives to promote growth among gaming developers and come up with our unique solution. We and our partners have found a way forward where the teams we bring in receive basic funding that gives them development time during a full year, housing, studio and the possibility of additional financing after one year combined with the fact that during this time we also take functions in the teams. We believe that this, combined with our and Arrowhead’s network, can lead to game productions that find their audience.” says Lars Lindblom, CEO and founder of Mind Detonator.

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