Asda clarifies Kinect launch stock

UPDATE: Asda has confirmed that it will have free stock of both the solus Kinect SKU and the Kinect hardware bundle for the launch of Microsoft’s motion device tomorrow.

"After working hard with Microsoft to ensure day one availability we have reached a position where we will have stock for free sale on day one – no need to pre-order," a blog update reads.

"This is for both the Kinect Sensor bar and for the 4GB bundle with the Sensor bar, and of course the range of Kinect games.

"Now obviously we can’t guarantee availability in every store for very long, as we know demand is very high, but we’ve got to a place where hopefully we can make a lot of customers happy on launch day.

"I’d still recommend that if you want to get your hands on either product you do so at midnight or certainly as early as possible on Wednesday to avoid disappointment, but believe me we are working hard to ensure we can supply Kinect to everyone who wants it."

ORIGINAL STORY: Anyone hoping to pick up Kinect at Asda tonight may be disappointed.

The supermarket has warned that initially customers will only be able to pick up Kinect bundled with a 4GB Xbox 360 S at the midnight launch. Solus cameras will only be available to those who have pre-ordered.

However, Asda assures gamers that it is working hard to secure more stock as soon as possible.

As most people will probably know, stock of Kinect is likely to be in pretty short supply at launch and this will be right across the market,” wrote Asda games buyer Alistair Islip on the firm’s Aisle Spy blog.

"For the midnight launch we will have 4GB with Kinect on free sale. However only pre-orders of the solus bar are likely to be available.

We are doing everything we can to get stock to store as quickly as we get it from Microsoft. Believe me, we will be working as hard as possible throughout the rest of the year to make sure we can get Kinect into the hands of all of our customers who want it.”

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