AUSTRALIA: Warner disputes MK ban

Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment Australia has appealed against the decision to ban Mortal Kombat from sale in the country.

Last week the Australian Classification Review Board labelled the upcoming Xbox 360 and PS3 fighter too violent to receive an MA 15+ age rating. Australia currently doesn’t have an 18 certificate for games, meaning the bloody brawler will not go on sale there.

However Warner Bros has now issued a statement appealing the decision following its calls for an R18+ certificate in Australia.

After careful consideration we have decided to appeal to the Australian Classification Review Board against the Refused Classification decision given to Mortal Kombat,” a Warner Bros spokesperson told IGN.

After reviewing both the gameplay and the Board’s original decision, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment Australia believes the violence in the game is on par with numerous other titles readily available for sale in the Australian market.

As such, the company wants to exhaust all options to make the game available to Mortal Kombat fans in this country. An identical version of the game will be submitted for appeal.”

Mortal Kombat will hit UK shelves on April 21st. The Australian government will hold a meeting to discuss the introduction of an R18+ certificate later this year.

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