"Authentic" Brothers in Arms game on the way, may not be published by Ubisoft

A new, authentic” Brothers in Arms game is in the early stages of development, Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford has announced.

We haven’t announced that yet, but I’m really excited about where that’s going. We’ll announce these things in due course. There’s a lot of neat things we have going on,” Pitchford told IGN.

Meanwhile, Brothers in Arms: Furious 4, which was announced a couple of years ago, has been spun-off into a new IP, and is very much still in the works.

It’s a process that decided to unhinge itself from Brothers in Arms and go where it needed to go. Furious 4 is evolving into something else. At some point we’ll announce what that thing is. It’ll feel like an entirely new thing,” he explained.

Pitchford also revealed that Ubisoft will not publish Furious 4 and added that Gearbox is yet to approach potential publishers for the new Brothers in Arms game.

Ubi will not publish the new brand. We haven’t signed the next Brothers in Arms game with anyone yet,” he said, and added that the uncertainty around Furious 4 and the decision to turn it into a new IP wasn’t easy to digest.

Gearbox and Ubisoft have had a great relationship, but that’s tough, to go through that tension. They were expecting something that didn’t happen the way it did, but we need to do what we need to do. Everybody’s going to deal with that,” Pitchford said.

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