Avatar 3D will be HDMI only on 360

Ubisoft has added another technical requirement for those wanting to experience the upcoming James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game in its full 3D glory – an HDMI-enabled console.

That’s not a problem for PS3, of course, and Wii owners aren’t getting the 3D treatment anyway.

But it does mean that owners of Xbox 360 owners manufactured before the HDMI port became standard may miss out, according to MTV Multiplayer.

Of course, HDMI is just one of the many requirements needed before gamers can enjoy the full 3D experience.

Alongside the included 3D glasses users will also need to own a compatible full 3D 1080p 120Mhz TV set, such as the Panasonic 3DFHD panels used by Ubisoft to demo the game at E3 – which sadly are not yet available to buy.

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