Avatar most pirated Blu-ray ever

Having only arrived at retail in the UK on Monday, James Cameron’s Hollywood smash Avatar is being described as the most pirated Blu-ray movie of all time.

reports that numbers from a leading BitTorrent tracker show that the Blu-ray rip was downloaded around 200,000 times in the first four days after it was initially posted.

The UK and Australia were to the most prolific downloaders of the film, though this may be due to the slightly delayed arrival of the retail Blu-ray release in the countries.

This still falls some way short of the numbers typically seen for new DVD releases – most likely due to the far higher file sizes needed to transfer full 1080p movies – but it’s still a move very much in the wrong direction for the format.

The current Blu-ray release is, 2D only, with early 3D TV adopters having to wait until later this year to get their hands on the 3D version.

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