Bad Company 2 LE detailed

EA has released details on the perks including in the Limited Edition version of DICE’s upcoming console shooter Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – but the biggest surprise is that the LE version will retail for the same price as the vanilla SKU of the game.

Those lucky enough to get their hands on the LE will be rewarded with six in-game perks – Improved Vehicle Armour, Supreme Vehicle Firepower, Vehicle Motion Sensor, Tracer Dart Pistol, the M1A1 Submachine Gun and the M1911 Pistol.

Retail will likely be pleased with the low-price LE as it will be hugely popular with pre-orderers. Whether gamers will react as well to news that they could face a day one disadvantage online remains to be seen.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will be released in Europe on March 5th 2010. It will arrive in North America slightly earlier – March 2nd.

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