Bad reviews won’t dent Duke’s return

A 14-year production cycle seemingly hasn’t been enough to drag Duke Nukem Forever out of the development doldrums, but one analyst believes that the game’s sales won’t be affected.

2K Games’ long awaited title shot straight to the top of the UKIE Gfk Chart-Track All Formats Top 40 this week.

And although review embargoes meant that the earliest write-ups of the game didn’t go live until the day of release, it has since gone on to manage a frightful 51 per cent Xbox 360 average on Metacritic.

"I don’t think the critical reception of Duke Nukem even matters and will unlikely impact sales," EEDAR’s Jesse Divnich told Destructoid. "There are very few times I’d suggest ignoring critic reviews, and Duke Nukem is one of them.

"Duke Nukem reminds me of one of those cheesy SyFy movies, like Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus. You know what you are getting into, it’s a guilty pleasure."

"Duke Nukem is a game that needs to be played by all, just so one can appreciate the history of our industry. Not to mention the game offers some over-the-top audacious moments that will no doubt be remembered for years to come.

"If for the very least, pick up and play Duke Nukem because it is unlikely we’ll see another in our lifetime."

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