Baldur’s Gate is getting another expansion pack, 16 years after its first

Following its revival in the form of Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, BioWare’s seminal RPG is finally getting another expansion.

The original game, released in 1998, was expanded one year later by Tales of the Sword Coast. A sequel, Baldur’s Gate 2, was released in 2000, similarly bolstered by add-on Throne of Bhaal in 2001.

Revamped remake Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition was developed by studio Beamdog and launched for PC and iOS in 2012. (A Baldur’s Gate 2 remake followed in 2013.)

Now the first Baldur’s Gate will get a second expansion pack, 16 years after Tales of the Sword Coast hit PC screens.

Siege of Dragonspear will tag on a whole new chapter to the title, spanning the gap between the first two Baldur’s Gate entries.

It’s set to offer around 25 hours of gameplay, improve the user interface, add a new class – the Shaman – and add cross-platform multiplayer.

Existing Enhanced Edition players can import their characters and saved games to the expansion – which requires the base game to run.

Siege of Dragonspear is slated for release on PC first, followed by a roll-out on iOS and Android. The pack is coming ‘soon’.

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