Bandai Namco releases Dark Souls inspired iOS title Slashy Souls

A smartphone game inspired by Dark Souls sounds like a dream come true, but Bandai Namco’s Slashy Souls is quite possible not entirely what you expected.

The free-to-play game is not developed by From Software, but does carry plenty of in-game messaging encouraging players to buy Dark Souls III from GameStop. It’s an endless runner with 2D pixel visuals that are certainly reminiscent of the popular action RPG series.

The press reaction has certainly been less than kind, possibly because promoting what is a pretty hardcore title with such a loosely-linked and clearly promotional item risks irking an often unforgiving fanbase.

Kotaku ran the headline Look Away, Dark Souls Fans. Jut Look Away” while Forbes went for Prepare To Swipe: Endless Runner ‘Slashy Souls’ Is Just One Big ‘Dark Souls 3’ Ad”. The site also names GameStop as the publisher, although most other sources seem to credit Bandai Namco.

Destructoid, meanwhile, gave the game a savage 1/10 in its review, concluding: One of my least favourite games ever. Just thinking about it is upsetting. I am upset.”

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