Batman: Arkham City nets its best score yet – 6/5

As if you hadn’t already got the message, Warner Bros’ Batman: Arkham City is something rather special. So special, in fact, that it’s claimed the world’s first 100%+ review.

Yahoo! Games awarded the title a time and space-splintering six out of five it its review.

Your entire gaming life could’ve been leading up to this moment, especially if you were raised on a strict Nintendo diet,” the review reads.

We mean this in the best possible sense when we say that the legacies of Mario, Zelda and Metroid live on in ‘Batman Arkham City’. And what we’re suggesting by that is how this latest blockbuster comic-book escapade is worthy of the same lofty recognition.”

Indeed, Yahoo! Joins the rest of the world is heaping near-unprecedented praise on the title.

The Xbox 360 version currently carries a 96 per cent Metacritic rating based on 39 reviews. The PS3 version is on 96 per cent, making it not only the highest rated console release of the year but also the joint third highest rated release of all time.

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