hacked, Blizzard urges users to change password

Bllizzard reports its online matchmaking and game data service was hacked this past weekend, adding that certain account info has been compromised.

The company states that all regions outside of China were affected, and that the hackers gained unauthorized access to a list of email addresses associated with accounts.

Additional information including scrambled versions of passwords, answers to personal security questions, and data on Mobile/Dial-In Authenticators was found to be accessed in North America as well.

Thankfully, Blizzard discovered the breach did not stretch to users’ credit card information, addresses, or actual names.

Based on what we currently know, this information alone is NOT enough for anyone to gain access to accounts,” an official statement on read.

Despite that, users are still encouraged to change their password and secret question. Those on North American serves will be automatically prompted to do so over the coming week.

The security issues have been contained for now, and moving forward the company is actively investigating the hack alongside law enforcement.

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