Battle of the Sexes begins Wii assault

Mastertronic is distributing a new party game this Christmas that will finally decide who’s best: men or women?

The Ultimate Battle of the Sexes – out last week (Friday, December 17th) – is a mini-game collection for Wii that pits men against women in a range of tasks.

Each mini-game plays on a gender stereotype such as dancing, suitcase packing, insect killing, catwalking, barbecuing and more.

The title is published by Dtp Young and distributed by Mastertronic in the UK. It has an RRP of 24.99.

We’re very pleased to strengthen our relationship with Dtp Young working on this new venture,” said Mastertronic sales director James Cato.

Battle of the Sexes is a fun way to finally get an answer to those eternal questions – are men completely inept at multitasking and are women incapable of parking a car?”

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