Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 won’t cannibalise one another, EA insists

The first person shooter market is large enough to sustain both of EA’s Q4 releases – and their competitors – later this year.

That’s according to EA CEO Andrew Wilson, who was pressed on whether there were concerns about possible sales cannibalisation in an investor call.

This is a giant category in our industry, $4.5bn category. There is a very broad and diverse set of players who play games in that category who are looking to fulfil different game play motivations,” he said.

Some people play very quick gmaes, some people more strategic ones, and some people want both in different context. The result of those, we feel like we actually have a really strong position to deliver the broadest set of game play mechanics as it relates to first-person shooter genre across the two titles, and feel very confident that we are well-positioned to do very well in that category in a year.

Certainly as you see, the reception around Battlefield 1, we feel very good about that. The energy around Titanfall 2 is also building very nicely, and we look forward to showing more of both of those titles at EA Play in June.”

Battlefield 1 is due out worldwide on October 21st. Titantall 2, meanwhile, is due out some time in the last quarter of the year between October and December.

Also confirmed in the same time frame is Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (November 4th).

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