Battlefield 4: China Rising introduces new problems as game’s tech woes continue

DICE’s ongoing struggle to fix the problems that have affected the many versions of Battlefield 4 show no signs of abating.

A page on EA’s support site stated: "Some PC players of Battlefield 4 China Rising have found themselves getting kicked from servers within seconds of joining. DICE have identified the issue and is implementing a solution to the problem. This fix will take some time to be fully completed, but players should be noticing normal gameplay behaviour soon."

The DLC has also caused problems with the Xbox 360 version with some users now completely unable to join the game’s servers.

DICE also admitted on Reddit that yesterday’s PC patch only partially fixed the one hit kill” issue it was designed to address, adding that: To be completely fair, there’s really no one else to blame than us. Our game, our responsibility.”

A patch for the PS4 version was supposed to arrive alongside the above PC patch but was indefinitely delayed at the last minute for additional testing”.

US consumer site Polygon yesterday revised its previous 7.5/10 review score for the game down to 4/10, stating: After a brief period of reliability in the day or so before Thanksgiving in the US, Battlefield 4 has again succumbed to repeated and consistent issues on every platform.

PC players are reporting crashes, while Xbox One and PS4 players are once again suffering from crashes to the homescreen of their respective platforms, as well as general matchmaking problems for the Conquest game type.

More than a month after its initial release, Battlefield 4 is still barely playable for many players, and EA and DICE can’t seem to fix the problem (though EA has informed us a new patch is going live on PC tomorrow, delaying our appraisal of that platform for at least a day or two).”

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