Bayonetta estimated to have sold 100k+ on Steam

It seems as if the surprise arrival of Bayonetta on Steam has been a big success.

PCGamesN reports that SteamSpy numbers suggest there are somewhere in the region of 114k owners of the game on Valve’s service. The Platinum developed action outing, which is published by Sega, was released on Steam last week for 14.99.

Sega hasn’t confirmed or denied the specific number, but did say: Concerning Bayonetta surpassing 100,000 (according to SteamSpy), we do not have any confirmation of numbers. However, we are extremely overwhelmed by the support for Bayonetta and love that we reached #1 on the Steam charts!”

Speaking toPC Gamerlast week, Platinum expressed its enthusiasm for possible further PC ports – Vanquish is the one that springs to mind – although it added that the decision is largely out of its hands.

"The PC market is huge and can definitely not be ignored,” the company said. "We’ve always had a positive stance towards porting our titles to PC. If it were up to us, we’d port all of our games to PC, but it all depends on the publishers. We still feel strongly about putting more consideration into the PC market. If our current efforts prove successful, this will only make PC development more attractive.

"However, most third party publishers nowadays realize the PC should not be ignored, so I believe we should be able to become more actively involved in the PC market from here on out."

Platinum added that its work in porting Bayonetta to Wii U for its release alongside Bayonetta 2 was a big help for the PC port. Future titles will be built with PC in mind from the off.

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