BBFC dismisses Resident Evil 5 racism concerns

UK ratings body the BBFC has rubbished the persistent claims that Capcom’s upcoming next-gen survival horror title Resident Evil 5 contains scenes of racism.

Kikizo contacted the organisation regarding a scene where a white blonde woman is seen being dragged by the hair by one of the native zombified residents of the game.

In the version of the scene submitted to the BBFC there is only one man pulling the blonde woman in from the balcony, and I can’t say the skimpiness of her dress impressed itself on me,” the BBFC’s head of communications Sue Clark stated.

As the whole game is set in Africa it is hardly surprising that some of the characters are black, just like the fact that some of the characters in an earlier version were Spanish as the game was set in Spain.

We do take racism very seriously, but in this case there is no issue around racism.”

Clark added that the BBFC would not automatically cut a work for racism – we would normally give a work a higher rating to take it away from younger consumers who might not understand the issues surrounding racist remarks or attitudes”, though as the game is a cut-and-dry 18 already that did not enter into the equation.

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