BBFC Fights Back against David Cameron’s mini-manifesto

The British Board Of Film Classification has refuted David Cameron’s call for a review of its guidelines – and has been backed by the Government.

The Conservative Party leader this week revealed the Tories’ new ‘mini-manifesto’ on ‘Britain’s crisis’, entitled: It’s Time to Fight Back.

The dossier calls for an examination of the BBFC’s ‘regulatory framework’, in order ‘to ensure that violence and misogyny are not directly promoted to young people’.

But BBFC spokesperson Sue Clark told MCV: BBFC classification is based on what the public deems acceptable. We feel confident that we have public consent on how we deal with issues such as gun and knife crime.”

And the Labour Government has also come out in defence of the BBFC.

A DCMS spokesman told MCV: We have a strict enforcement code for people who supply ‘18′ or ‘15′ rated games to children. Adults can make their own decisions which games to play, as they can which films to watch.”

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