BBFC hits back at ELSPA

The British Board of Film Classification has responded to ELSPA’s decision to ‘warn off’ publishers to its advances – stating that its relationship with UK games firms is a private matter.

As revealed on last week (23/05), ELSPA requested that leading publishers hold fire on implementing any changes to classification of their games until the Government has officially executed proposals influenced by Dr. Tanya Byron’s Review of the industry.

The statement was sparked by the BBFC appointing a Byron Implementation Officer to oversee relationships with publishers – something ELSPA sees as a premature move.

However, BBFC director David Cooke (pictured) told MCV: "We have made clear that we welcome Byron’s findings and it is a matter for us how we organise our resources over the coming period. Dr Byron made clear that she expects the cooperation between the BBFC and PEGI to continue.”

On hearing of the BBFC’s latest appointment, ELSPA told its members: Our view is that this appointment at the BBFC – along with the brief itself – is somewhat hasty since we still await actual details of the full consultation that was promised in the Byron Review.

We believe that there can be no ‘implementing’ until we have been permitted to make PEGI’s case in full in the coming consultation process, specific details of which are still yet to be announced.

"Our advice to members is to hold off any approaches from outside organisations until the DCMS consultation process has actually taken place.”

Stay tuned to as the debate over ratings continues to unfold.

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