BBFC passes MadWorld unedited

The British Board of Film Classification has given Sega’s upcoming Wii title MadWorld an 18 rating, clearing it to be released in the UK without any cuts being made to its content.

The BBFC’s consumer advice bears the warning Contains very strong, stylised, bloody violence”, but reveals the game was passed with no cuts made”.

MadWorld has been the subject of high levels of both controversy and anticipation, billed by gamers as one of the first truly hardcore games exclusive to Wii and slammed by tabloids for its violence.

In August, watchdog Mediawatch-UK called for the BBFC to refuse classification for MadWorld, while the Daily Mail dubbed the title the most violent Wii game ever”.

However, MadWorld has enjoyed the support of the gaming public, who fought back against Mediawatch-UK’s campaign with a wave of hostile emails.

MadWorld is due for release in March.

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