Best Kinect games still 2 years away

Microsoft’s ambitious new motion device – Kinect – will be out this autumn, but don’t expect to see the best games for it until 2012.

That’s according to Gamesbrief founder and analyst Nicholas Lovell and Yoostar CEO Greg Fischbach, who say that developers need time to get to grips with Microsoft’s new controller-less platform.

When you play with Kinect, when you just talk or move your hand to control it, there is a real different sensation that comes about,” Fischbach told MCV.

Some of the initial games take advantage of it, but I think we will see the most creative games in 18 to 24 months. It will take that long for us to figure out how to do it – like when a new console is released, it takes a couple of years for everyone to figure out how to use all the bells and whistles.”

Lovell added: It always takes a while for developers to get the hang of the unique nature of a new platform. The initial games that I’ve seen are mainly derivative. I really look forward to the games that will come out once the device has been in the market for a year or more.”

Some of the early Kinect titles include virtual pet game Kinectimals, the Wii Sports-inspired Kinect Sports and Harmonix’s Dance Central.

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