Bethesda taking its time over MMO plans

It’s over two years since Bethesda’s path into the MMO sector began to take shape, but with no imminent sign of activity on the horizon MCV asked global VP or marketing Pete Hines when exactly the first fruits of its ambitions will be revealed.

It was something we felt like we were ready to do, and do in the right way,” he stated in an exclusive interview. ZeniMax Online Studios’ head Matt Firor is a guy with a ton of MMO experience, who we felt was the right man to lead a studio and put together an experienced team to make a great MMO.

That’s what he’s been doing the last couple of years.

I think the challenges of making an MMO are well documented. You have an incredibly successful, well-entrenched market leader; you have a number of other titles in the space each trying to use a different business model to be successful and competitive. It is not something to be undertaken quickly or lightly.”

And what of that debut MMO title? Will it be, as many suggest, an online take on the company’s hugely popular Elder Scrolls franchise?

We aren’t talking about what we’re up to next on The Elder Scrolls or when you’ll be able to play another one. You’ll just have to wait and see. But our established franchises are clearly something we take very seriously.”

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