Beyond: Two Souls can be played using only an iPhone

A DualShock controller is not needed to play the entirety of upcoming PS3 exclusive Beyond: Two Souls.

Players will be able to play the full game from start to finish using only their Apple or Android smartphone and the free Beyond Touch app.

"It connects to the console via Wi-Fi, and from this point you can play the entire game, in single-player if you want, just using your iPhone… just with one finger,” creator David Cage told Eurogamer.

It’s a very simplified interface [and] makes the game very passive and simple. Not everybody was born with a DualShock controller in their hands."

Cage also confirmed that the game will be playable in co-op with the second player controlling the still mysterious ghost-type-figure that main character Ellen Page is linked with.

Beyond: Two Souls will be released on PS3 on October 11th.

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