Big hopes for Beach Sports 2

THQ expects upcoming title Big Beach Sports 2 to become one of the best-selling titles on the Wii.

The game follows in the footsteps of 2008’s Big Beach Sports, and is the third title in THQ’s Big franchise after last year’s Big Family Games.

The original Big Beach Sports became one of the biggest success stories on Nintendo’s console, helping to silence frequent claims that third parties are hard-pressed to rack up high sales on Wii. Now THQ believes that BBS2 will perform just as well.

We are really pleased to be launching the sequel to Big Beach Sports this summer,” said THQ’s associate PR manager Rebecca Attard.

The original is the fourth highest selling third-party Wii title of all time. It has continued to generate sales and reached 815,635 units sell-in to date.”

After the suburban setting of Big Family Games, THQ has taken the brand back to its roots for this summer’s release.

Big Beach Sports 2 features a wide variety of new motion-sensitive mini-games set on tropical beaches.
It also introduces Balance Board-compatibility for certain mini-games, such as surfing.

THQ believes the crossover between the game’s theme and timely release should help drive sales among its target market.

Attard adds: Big Beach Sports 2 is hitting the market a few weeks before the kids’ summer holidays begin, offering great fun for all the family with both single-player and multiplayer games along with plenty of great beach spots to compete in, including dune buggy racing, surfing and beach football.”

Big Beach Sports 2 is due to be released on the Nintendo Wii on June 25th.

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