Bigpoint tops 1bn daily transactions

Bigpoint has announced that its network of browser-based games now generates over one billion transactions every day.

The publisher is best known for its online titles such as SeaFight and Dark Orbit, as well as an MMO based on Battlestar Galactica, which launched earlier this year. Bigpoint operates 60 different games across 180 countries, many of which operate on microtransactions.

However, speaking at last week’s Evolve conference in London, Bigpoint chairman Simon Guild said that subscriptions still had a role to play in the MMO market.

We didn’t like the idea of subscription as a barrier, but… we think subscriptions will come back in a strange and unusual way,” he said.

All we’re trying to do is reduce the barriers for people to buy our stuff. We actually think the future will be a bigger mix of [subscriptions, microtransactions and in-game advertising] and it won’t just default to free-to-play.”

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