BioShock costs $18.99 on iPad

Take-Two has decided to charge $18.99 for BioShock on iPad.

That’s a bold move for any title on iOS, but especially for one that has been available on consoles and PC since 2007.

The release was announced earlier this month and is described as a direct port” although a certain amount of graphical downgrading has taken place, along of course with the adoption of on-screen buttons.

So is there an audience for such high-price core games on tablets?

It remains to be seen,” Take-Two CEO and president Strauss Zelnick told MCV. The smartphone obviously has some limitations, due to screen size and the need for it to be a touch interface.

I’m more excited for tablets with an outside controller, and as tablets become more powerful, combined with a controller, you can certainly imagine them being a just as high quality game experience as the PC is now.”

BioShock will be released on iPad tomorrow (August 28th).

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