Bioware co-founder returns to game development

Greg Zeschuk has announced his return to games, with the Bioware co-founder chairing Vancouver-based studio Biba.

The developer focuses on creating mobile augmented reality apps that work alongside playground equipment. Game experiences are designed for kids, though the apps are primarily intended to be used by parents through refereed play.”

The first games will aim to transform playgrounds into wrecked robot spaceships for kids to explore with the help of a virtual sidekick. Players can compete for badges and high scores that can be compared online, and some games will be compatible with any given playground – as users can specify the equipment at whatever location they’re at.

"Biba’s mobile games designed for outdoor play are just a breath of fresh air," Zeschuk said. "PlayPower and Biba are creating a new category, an inventive way to blend our new media habits with the health benefits and joy of active outdoor play. I am inspired by the category as a game designer and father."

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