BioWare has rebooted Shadow Realms development – report

The latest new IP from EA’s BioWare studio may be getting a significant revamp before it is even released.

That’s according to Kotaku, which has word from a source familiar with goings on at BioWare Austin” that upcoming title Shadow Realms was completely overhauled in late October.

The game was revealed as a 4v1 online action RPG to be released episodically beginning this year. The last time it was spoken of BioWare said it was planning on sending out alpha invitations last October, although these plans were subsequently delayed.

Now the studio is said to be planning in a full campaign mode and a 2017 release on PS4, Xbox One and PC. It is also presumed that the changes will mean the game is no longer free-to-play.

Two other sources had actually claimed the game had been cancelled altogether, although the site doesn’t appear to think this is the case. There is evidence, though, that BioWare’s internal servers for the game were disconnected last week.

Another source added that the decision to reboot the title coincided with plans to integrate EA’s Origin network into the game, as developers at EA take budget hits if they don’t use internal technology and services”, and that the change of heart will give the studio more financial leeway to shape the game as they see best.

Added the site: When the developers behind some of EA’s recent online games, like Dawngate and Command & Conquer, didn’t integrate Origin, those games’ budgets were limited, which may have been a factor in their ultimate cancellations.”

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