BioWare hints at Mass Effect Trilogy for Xbox One and PS4

BioWare has all but confirmed it is planning to bring all three Mass Effect games to the new consoles.

BioWare Edmonton and Montreal chief Aaryn Flynn discussed the possibility on a post on NeoGAF (and spotted by Eurogamer). Flynn says that 1080p, 60 frames person second, high-res textures (especially on the first Mass Effect) plus inclusion of all the DLC into the core game, were the most requested features.

Flynn said he would like to organically implement the DLC into the game ‘it should just all be there as if it never wasn’t there’. But he said he didn’t want to change Mass Effect 1’s combat to be more like Mass Effect 3. "First it would be a helluva lot of work. Second, I hate the idea of us being accused of ‘retconning’ ME1,’ he told fans.

"Third there are those who prefer ME1… So given that all that, it doesn’t feel like the right thing to do."

Today is N7 day, which is BioWare’s annual celebration of all things Mass Effect. There will be some talk about the future of the series, but Flynn poured cold water on a Trilogy announcement. He tweeted: ‘Looking forward to #N7Day14! Unfortunately we have no news about the Mass Effect Trilogy coming to new consoles. When we do we’ll share ASAP’

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